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Download Boomchat - Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat Free

php/ajax chat free

Hei... semua kali ini saya akan bagikan script php/ajax chat secara gratis, kalau sobat beli sekitar $18. Karna gratis saya menemukannya hasil searching di mbah google dan yang pasti ada bug atau error, ingat saya bagikan ini secara gratis jadi tidak boleh di perjual belikan.
Untuk rinciannya sobat bisa liat dibawah ini.

Boomchat 7.1 ( bridge ) Responsive chat

Boomchat is a userfriendly easy to install php chat script that includes lot of uniques features. With is fully responsive
design whatever if you are using a mobile a computer or even a tablet boomchat will always fit your screen and give you the best chat experience possible.

Boomchat requirement

  • 1 Database ( empty )
  • Mysqli installed
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • and a lot of friend !!!

Boomchat feature

  • Responsive design for computer and mobile device
  • Preset language file Francais / English / Spanish / Turkish / German / Arabic / Persian / Chineese / Russian / Italian / Dutch and Custom
  • Friend list
  • Silent mode feature
  • Sound and visual notification on private message
  • 6 different users levels rank
  • Bad words filter
  • Easy installation and user manual included
  • 6 different themes colors included and easy to create your own
  • 30 usefull command to manage all aspect of your chat
  • Build in image uploader
  • Private chat and inchat private chat
  • Build in anti flood system
  • Unlimited rooms possibility
  • Guess access that can be turned on/off
  • Share youtube video and picture on chat with your friend
  • Build in database cleaner that keep your database fast
  • Delete post on demand directly from the chat
  • Log history and personal history
  • Fast customer service
  • And much much more come take a look

Watch the installation tutorial video

Watch how to create facebook app for boomchat

Changelog history

Version 7.1
- user count is back in 7.1 in login ( requested many time )
- option to disable the icons in the userlist
- option to choose the name of the home menu
- fix few issue with explorer display
Version 7.0
- New upload system directly in input for both private and main chat
- Autoclean system for upload
- New draggable and resizable emoticon window can also be fixed in place and stay open
- new draggable private window
- facebook login
- new core with 30-40% load reduction
- redesign of the inputs and buttons
- search engine for history
- new menu
- home menu added letting you bring back people to your main site
- new bridge possibility ( wordpress bridge coming soon )
- new icon system in userlist
- new improved email form ( fixed )
- new logout function ( improved )
- new language Russian , chineese, dutch, italian
Version 6.0
- Friend new request process
- 9 Social media link in profile
- 2 custom field for profile
- New rounded design
- optional stream music player
- rebuilded icons for faster loading
- username change
- username now support _ and - caracters
- admin can limit private by rank
- admin can limit name change by rank
- admin can limit ignore by rank
- admin can limit friend by rank
- new core process for sql query
- new admin user search tool and management
- admin can now remove user avatar
- admin can now change members name
- admin can now change user password
- new emoticon set
- avatar in profile now cliquable to extend them
- added date in private corner window
- reversed private corner window for better result on mobile
- now chat support both emoticon gif or png
- new way to open userlist private on mobile when new message in
- now link supported for youbube mobile link
- system auto disconect old connection if you change device and forgot old open
- added language Turkish , german , Arabic , Persian
- you can now put background on login page in css with #wrap_login id
Version 5.1.1
- RTL chat options
- Support for vimeo embed video added
- Admin can now disable colors picker
- Admin can now allow avatar for specific rank only
- Admin can now allow upload for specific rank only
- Fixed registration bug with explorer
Version 5.0
-Private message count
-Optional full registration form
-Chat rules on registration
-Sound on chat message optional
-Timezone in setting panel
-Users can now change their email
-Adding system message when user left chat optional
-login new message
-login online user count
-welcome message now can be edited in setting panel
-Full screen chat mode
-Few fix from older version
Version 4.2.1
-Fixing issue with upload feature
Version 4.2
-Adding options for private chat full chat size or corner box
-Modification to theme core allow now to have different icon for each theme
-Fixing some issues to save server load
Version 4.0
-Adding friends list
-Adding silent mode for admin
-Adding general sound notification
-Modification to the system core and implementation of addons core
-Changing update process core to very simple one
-Improving the antispam / flood system
-User can now delete their private window logs
Version 3.0.1
-Little fix that prevent keyboard to open for nothing on mobile device when clicking emoticon
Version 3.0
-Color picker and text tool bar for better control
-Relooking of entire chat design
-invisibility mode for admins
-Reduced chat server load
-Added guest to choose a name
Version 2.6
- guest access silent or chat allowed
-optional email verification on registration
-ignore feature , ban by cookie are now optional
-you can now delete an account from the chat
-lot improvement to the system core
Version 2.2
-added the ads feature that allow you to show banner ads on your chat
-added welcome message feature
-added flip the chat feature that allow you to choose input on top or bottom
-added avatar in userlist
-added click on avatar on chat to open private feature
-added user showing online when loading the page
Version 2.0
-adding password recovery feature
-added avatar inchat
-added ban by cookie
-insert a registration username filter
-Fixiing some system issue
Version 1.0.1
-fixing userlenght minimum limit
-adding lang file
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